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Amicus Request Committee Guidelines

CDAM is committed to providing amicus curiae support in important cases which have the potential to affect the interests of CDAM and its members or criminal defendants in general. All amicus support is provided on a purely voluntary basis, however, and therefore must be reserved for the most important cases. Requests for amicus support should be submitted in writing to rsain@cdamonline.org, and should provide the following information:

 1. Case name, court, and docket number(s).

2. Case history and current status.

3. Briefing schedule or likely filing dates.

4. Concise statement of issue(s) on which amicus support is requested.

5. Identify any potentially dispositive issues that could resolve the case prior to a court reaching the issue(s) of interest to CDAM.

6. Concise statement about how the outcome of this case will implicate the interests of CDAM and its members or criminal defendants in general.

7. Concise statement about how CDAM’s involvement would add a new or different perspective to the issue(s), which cannot be adequately presented by counsel of record.

8. Identify any CDAM member who may oppose CDAM’s participation as amicus, or who may wish to be consulted.

9. Identify any other organizations or parties who are involved in the case as amicus, or whose involvement has been requested.

10. Any additional information that may be useful to CDAM in determining whether to provide amicus assistance.

Approved March 12, 2015, CDAM Board of Directors.

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