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CDAM Appointments

Being a member of CDAM has many benefits including being able to represent the organization while sitting on boards that are important to criminal defense attorneys all over the state. Check out these options below. 

Michigan Consortium on Law Enforcement

CDAM is given one seat on the MCCOLES board, appointed by Michigan's Governor. CDAM representative is Arthur J. Weiss.

Michigan Indigent Defense Commission

CDAM currently has three representatives on the MIDC: Josh Blanchard, John Shea, and Bill Swor, whose terms expire April 1, 2023.

Governor Whitmer will make the appointments from a list of nine (9) individuals submitted by CDAM, two of whom will be Shea and Swor. There are restrictions as to who can serve of the Commission“[a]ny person who receives compensation from this state or an indigent criminal defense system for providing…representation to indigent adults in state courts is ineligible to serve as a member on the MIDC.”

State Bar of Michigan Criminal Law Section

CDAM is given one seat on the SBM Criminal Law Section. Our current representative is Takura Nyamfukudza. Appointments are made the CDAM's president.

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