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CDAM Appointments

Being a member of CDAM has many benefits including being able to represent the organization while sitting on boards that are important to criminal defense attorneys all over the state. Check out these options below. 

CDAM Board of Director Vacancies: Beginning May 1, 2020

  • District 2 (area code 517, 989): 1 three-year term
  • District 3 (area code 231, 269, 616, 906): 1 one-year term

If your office is located in any of the aforementioned area codes and you are interested in serving on CDAM’s Board of Directors, submit a letter of interest to CDAM at Info@CDAMonline.org by Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 5pm. Additionally, pursuant to CDAM bylaws, those seeking an appointment must have attended a recent Board of Directors meeting. The next meeting of the board is at CDAM’s Annual Meeting, Thursday, March 12, 2020, Auburn Hills Marriott, Featherstone Salon, 6:15pm. CDAM’s Executive Director can provide you with more information, including board meeting dates and time, board responsibilities, and bylaws. Simply email her at Info@CDAMonline.org.

Even if you are not interested in serving on the board, all members are welcome to attend.

Michigan Indigent Defense Commission

CDAM currently has three representatives on the MIDC: Frank Eaman, John Shea, and Bill Swor, whose terms expire April 1, 2020. Attorneys Shea and Swor wish to continue their valuable service on the Commission. Frank Eaman has chosen not to seek reappointed due to retirement. It’s a bittersweet moment for CDAM because as many of you may know, when Frank was CDAM President from 1986-1990, one of the tenants of his presidency was improvements to Michigan’s indigent defense delivery system. Frank, with his practical wisdom and vast experience, will be sorely missed.

Governor Whitmer will make the appointments from a list of nine (9) individuals submitted by CDAM, two of whom will be Shea and Swor. There are restrictions as to who can serve of the Commission“[a]ny person who receives compensation from this state or an indigent criminal defense system for providing…representation to indigent adults in state courts is ineligible to serve as a member on the MIDC.” 

CDAM is looking for applicants who are members with significant experience in defense proceedings or who have demonstrated a strong commitment to providing effective representation in indigent criminal defense services. They must also be available to participate in monthly meetings and regularly communicate with CDAM as to what is occurring on the Commission.

The deadline to submit a letter of interest and a resume to Info@CDAMonline.org is February 24, 2020, 5pm. A CDAM committee will review all applicants and submit a list of nine recommendations to Governor Whitmer. Once that list is provided to the Governor, each person is mandated to complete an Application for Appointment, which is linked below. Please review this information in advance of submitting your name to CDAM so you know what information will be required.


For additional information, including commission meeting times, please email CDAM at info@CDAMonline.org. On behalf of CDAM, thank you in advance for your interest in representing our organization.

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